Carnival Magic Day 5: Belize City, Belize

Last week, I shared my cable ride almost 70 feet over the beach in Honduras. It was my second cable ride of the year, the first being the tram I rode with Tristan during our summer trip to Alaska.

This week, I’ll pick up at our stop in Belize as promised. This post will not have a lot of pictures, so if you usually drop by for the photos, you may want to come back next week when I share the Mayan Ruins in Mexico. For those of you who decide to hang around, there is a very good reason why I have very few pictures of Belize.

Belize City.jpg

The area we visited in Belize City was impoverished and we were warned by the locals about some of the streets we wandered onto. As you can see, the weather wasn’t the best for photos either.

As a result, I never took out my phone. I did, however, chance my action camera, but those are all videos. You will see those when I finally string together a full travel video of my seven days aboard the Carnival Magic. In the interim, here are my thoughts on Belize.

1. Belizeans Sound Jamaican

When we disembarked from the ship, local boats taxied us to shore. One of the crewmen was friendly and chatty. When he opened his mouth, I think my jaw dropped. He sounded Jamaican.

At first, I thought maybe it was just him. However, as we made our way around the inner city, everyone we came across had that same accent. I also heard Jamaican reggae and dancehall music playing in restaurants, bars and cars. It was like being Downtown in Kingston, Jamaica again.

2. Belize City Reminds Me of Kingston in the Worst Ways

As I’ve said before, I am not a fan of Kingston. When I returned to Jamaica last year, I only visited Kingston because I needed to renew my passport quickly. Those of you who watched my travel video know that I escaped to Montego Bay at the earliest opportunity.

All the things I disliked about inner-city Kingston were prevalent in Belize City as well:

  • Shady characters
  • Dilapidated buildings
  • Dirt and grime everywhere
  • Stray animals in terrible condition

3. I Wish I Had Seen the Countryside

Not surprisingly, of all my stops I liked Belize the least. I am not a city girl, so it takes a lot for a city to wow me. I much prefer hiking trails, deserts and beaches. And, unfortunately, there were none of these in Belize City.

In spite of this, I would consider returning to Belize if it meant getting to see some of its beaches in other areas of the island, and also seeing its more rural innards. I need someone with a machete for the snakes though!

This week’s post was brief, but I’ll make up for it next week. Cozumel in Mexico was my absolute favourite stop on the cruise. Not only did I get to visit Mayan Ruins for the first time, but the snorkelling was amazing.

If I had to pick one country to go back to, this would be it! Cozumel now comes second to Montego Bay as the best cities I have ever visited in all my life. More on that next week!

Have you ever been to Belize City, or other areas in Belize? What did you like or dislike about the country?

14 thoughts on “Carnival Magic Day 5: Belize City, Belize

  1. I see you are a country mouse like us: we only do cities to visit the attractions like museums, etc and then get out. Even London, which is amazing, I can only handle for a couple of days at a time, even though I lived there for nearly 2 years.
    Shame about the weather and safety issues in Belize. I look forward to reading about your Mayan adventure, though.

    1. Haha, I’m somewhere between suburban and country girl. I love rural areas. Unfortunately, in America, that’s no place for a Black woman to be. I just hike and leave! 😂 I’m sure Belize would have far more to offer me in the countryside!

    1. Buahahahaha! I got it just for the trip! I’ve never had one before 😂 I think I bought it at Cayman when we docked there.

      I’m sure Jamaica had much better straw hat options. 🤔

      1. Lol it probably does but the prices all seem.. pricey to me. Eventually I’ll get a price which seems fair but likely not in a souvenir store. I just keep looking in the wrong places I think, maybe because I’m not actively looking. 😅

      2. Jamaicans raise the price on anything they think tourists will like, so I can see that happening. What about downtown Kingston though?

  2. NOW I see why you didn’t enjoy your time in Belize, Belize City is the worst. I had to pass through it a few times, and it was never fun…especially since I always had a giant, easily-robabble backpack on. Local people always looked out for me though.’

    You should definitely hit up the countryside the next time you’re in Belize. The landscape is incredibly diverse for being such a small country, and the people are exceptionally nice. I’m trying to go back there next summer – and in fact have all but promised I will.

    1. I’m glad you’re heading back there! I’m sure the countryside is a lot more beautiful. I was not a fan of Belize City at all. I don’t think I would ever set foot there again.

      I wonder why the cruise didn’t dock somewhere else with nice beaches or something. Seems like an odd location to choose, although we’re also not expected to be walking around outside the port, I guess.

      1. I’m afraid you have to go to Belize City to get practically anywhere in Belize, because it’s the country’s major transportation hub 🙁 That’s probably why your cruise docked there as well.

      2. Well that sounds like bad news for me 😂 I wouldn’t mind if I never saw that city again. How far away is the fun stuff?

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