#AlanisUndead: New Novel Delayed Due to Immigration & Relocation

Shortly after completing work on The Moreau Witches, I mentioned that I was working on a new novel called Alanis, Land of the Undead. The working title is a long one, so most days I refer to it as Alanis Undead. The original plan was to publish this novel on Halloween, just like the novel before. In fact, I was hell-bent on publishing a new novel every Halloween for the rest of my life. What better way to celebrate my favourite day of the year?

Then, in February of this year, while writing the last few chapters of the novel, I took a break from fiction writing. I wanted to focus on taking two university classes that would better inform my words. Though the book is fantasy, it is more a case of alternate history than an alternate world, so I wanted to better understand the subjects that formed my base.

To achieve this, I completed an Ancient Egyptian Civilisation course with the University of Pennsylvania and a Medieval Magic course with the University of Barcelona. If you think these are two strange topics to put together, wait ’til you read the novel!

Reasons for Book Delays

Unfortunately, that is unlikely to be this year. Publishing The Moreau Witches cost me almost $2,000. So, I budgeted for $3,000 for this new book. All of this funding comes from one source: my company, Alexis Chateau PR. All sales also go directly back to it. However, this year, my company has a much bigger project on its hands, i.e. relocation.

If all the stars align correctly, by January 2020 I will begin building a new home with the inclusion of a home office. My company, naturally, will have to fund its own portion of the build. If you have ever built or even bought a home, you already know that real estate is not an inexpensive investment.

I will, however, keep working on the novel. There are aspects of writing that do not cost me a penny, so these will be my focus. Hopefully, the book will be available for pre-order for Black History Month 2020.

Staying on schedule ultimately depends on USCIS. I am still on a green card extension, and as a direct result, banks avoid me like the plague. My immigration status made it difficult to finance my car and led to the rejection of a tiny house loan I tried to pre-qualify for this year.

Some banks won’t even allow me to open a savings account! Trust and believe, I am making a note of all these banks. I will be applying for my citizenship so I can vote in the 2020 Presidential Elections, and when I have that American citizenship, it is me who will be avoiding those banks like the plague. That will be my thanks for discrimination.

If you are also a legal U.S. immigrant facing similar issues, please consider Capital One. Maybe next week I will explain why Capital One is my absolute favourite bank of all time. I have a total of four accounts with this bank because it is one of few banks who never gave me hell over my immigration status and immigrant-new credit.

Look Out for Updates

But, we digress! As the year progresses, I will have more updates on the status of the Alanis Undead project, as well as the continued feet-dragging of USCIS with processing my paperwork.

Every week, people ask me how the new novel is going and I know a lot of you were looking forward to it, but unfortunately I cannot change the ways of ‘MURICA. I can only use the opportunity to plan and save. Please bear with me!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter—or would like to—I do post real-time updates via the hashtag #AlanisUndead. Through the hashtag, I was able to name two characters with input from my followers, so feel free to chime in on our discussions!

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23 thoughts on “#AlanisUndead: New Novel Delayed Due to Immigration & Relocation

  1. Oooh, lately I’ve started to become increasingly interested in Ancient Egypt, so now I’m feeling even more excited about your new book. You’ve gotta take care of your higher priorities first though!

    Where are you thinking of relocating to? Are you staying in Atlanta?

    1. I’ve been interested in Ancient Egyptian history for a while and didn’t know where to start. Taking the class, I still feel like I don’t know where to start lol. I got a good basic introduction though.

      I don’t think I will be staying in Atlanta, because planning and zoning won’t let me build what I want. The only counties and cities I have found that have given me at least half yesses so far are in California, but real estate prices out there are suicide. So, still working out the kinks!

      1. Ancient Egyptian History is a big topic, I can see why you’d feel lost. Just get really drunk one night and watch a bunch of fake archaeology programs and the answer will come to you.

        Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time finding a place that’ll let you build what you want! There’s always Canada…

      2. Ancient Egyptian history is such a massive topic, I can see why you don’t know where to start! I wonder if there’s a certain person or event you learned about that would fit with your novel well enough to focus your research around?

        Sorry you’re having such a hard time finding a place to build! There’s always Canada…

      3. Part of the problem with the classes is how they taught it. I’m used to history being taught in chronological order. They instead taught topics and then drew all the eras in that involved that topic. When you’re covering thousands of years of history, that gets really confusing.

        Canada is COLD 😂

      4. That sounds like a really wonky way to teach a history class…

        Haha yes, but it might be worth putting up with chilly weather if you’re able to live in the way that best suits you!

      5. Cold dost not suits me. 😅

        I initially wanted to move to Canada. America was never on my radar. Then, one year in Atlanta we had a really bad snow storm. The first in my lifetime possibly. I was like yeah…I think I’m over the cold and snow thing now. No thanks. 😂

    1. I can’t believe I never got a notification for this! WordPress blocks the strangest things sometimes. Thank you so much for the well wishes. I’m still pushing my way through the novel. So many distractions have come up since then!

    1. Awesome! I finally finished that post about why I love them so much. They will be getting my money for years to come 😁

  2. I wondered where you were. I am glad you were able to workout your bank business. Banks can be a real pain. Congratulations on your new endeavors and remember all will workout as planned in due time. Looking forward to hearing more of your progress. 🌹

    1. I’ve been posting here every week faithfully actually haha. Just haven’t been on social media as much. I’ve been working a lot for other clients, so my own stuff falls by the wayside quite a bit.

      Thanks for the congrats! I look forward to making progress that I can share. 😄😃

    1. Are they always nasty though, or just to us? Did the UK banks deny you or just give you extra hoops? I don’t mind the extra hoops too much. Annoying, but at least I get through. The unfair denials are what really rub me the wrong way.

      1. Even with my letter showing an extension of permanent residence, I was denied. Sigh.

  3. Best layed plans…!!! All in good time. I am confident you’ll get there eventually on all accounts: your novel, your house, your business and your citizenship. All the best. 👍

    1. Thanks, Fatima! Every day it seems like the road is getting longer instead of shorter, but I’m mapping it out one step at a time. 😃

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