Off-Grid Living | How Do I Wash My Clothes Without a Laundromat or Washing Machine?

Before I ever started RVing, I knew one thing I was going to hate was washing my clothes at a laundromat. Most RVers consider this a necessary evil — not me. I grew to hate going to the laundromat so much that I started washing my clothes by hand and hanging them up to dry inside the RV. To you, that might seem like an even greater inconvenience. For me, it means greater flexibility and freedom, plus the awesome perk of free exercise.

Why I Hate Laundromats

My intense hatred for laundromats did not happen overnight. It was several months and three states in the making. My best laundry experience was in Nevada, where I was parked right in front of the laundromat. However, even there, people often did not respect my personal space and there was often a line. By the time I got to Arizona, I was already washing things inside the RV. Here are a few reasons for my decision:

  • Laundromats are expensive.
  • The machines did not always dry my clothes properly.
  • Waiting in the car for two hours to do my laundry every week felt like a waste of time.
  • RVers in Mohave County, Arizona, refused to wear masks.
  • I got tired of fishing for quarters every time I needed to wash something.

What My Laundry Setup Looks Like

It took me three months to finally decide what my laundry setup would be. Now that it’s up and running, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. Now, instead of dreading laundry day, I look forward to it. I bought most of my laundry gear online and the rest at the dollar store. Here are the items I have and where you can find them.

Dollar Tree

I bought my bucket, plastic container, and first set of laundry supplies at Dollar Tree. They came to a grand total of $4. Now, I buy my detergent and fabric softener wherever I buy my groceries.


Everything else I bought came from Amazon. The prices may be different from what I paid at the time of purchase:

Spin Dryer

You can get a small, heated dryer for around $340 from the same company

Ergonomic Plunger

Finding one with this handle was hard, so it was worth the extra price. It’s far more ergonomic than a regular plunger.

Dryer Rack

I chose this over a standing dryer rack because it is lighter and more compact.

Portable Clothes Drying Line

I bought this to dry my washable masks while in Atlanta and took it with me when I left.

How I Do Laundry

You can find my full process in the video below. If the embedded video doesn’t work for you, use this link.

The Amazon items listed above contain affiliate links. If you purchase the items, I may receive a small commission. Thanks in advance!

14 thoughts on “Off-Grid Living | How Do I Wash My Clothes Without a Laundromat or Washing Machine?

  1. The spin dryer is a brilliant idea, even for people like me who was at home. Some stuff just takes forever to dry in the dryer, which is a waste of electricity. Can you get a pair of jeans in there? It’s not clear what the size is from the photos.

    1. It’s worked out well, so far. You can fit several pairs of jeans in there. It’s about the size of a 10 gallon trashcan. Check the link on Amazon. The seller should have the dimensions listed.

    1. Neither the dollar store nor supermarkets had one with a handle like that. This is much more ergonomic than holding a stick. 😂

  2. I must admit I didn’t enjoy going to launderettes either, but I liked the French system of having laundry facilities outside supermarkets, so I could put my washing in before I did my shopping and it would be done when I came out. In the summer, I hang it on our portable rotary line in campsite or stopover facility, as I prefer the fresh scent from drying clothes in the open air, it’s environmentally friendly and it saves money too! 😉👍

    1. Putting laundromats outside of supermarkets sound like a brilliant idea. That said, I am in and out of supermarkets in a few minutes, so I’d still be waiting. 😂

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