Tiny Living | What Can You Cook Inside a Small RV?

My RV is a lot smaller than the others I run into at campgrounds, especially for someone traveling long-term. I often get asked if I have basic amenities inside, such as a kitchen or bathroom. Other RVers often express shock when I answer yes to both questions. They are even more shocked when I tell them, if I buy another RV, I would go smaller.

I do miss having more counter space to work with, but I could resolve that easily with a leaf extension. Maybe I’ll get to that this summer, and maybe I won’t. In the meantime, this is my RV kitchen as it currently stands and the kinds of meals I’ve been able to make inside my tiny home on wheels.

If the embedded video below doesn’t work for you, use this link. Thanks for watching!

These are the additional products in the video that did not come with the RV:

If you make a purchase using my links above, I may receive a small commission. I bought all three items with my own money and have owned them for as long as I have had the RV. I recommend them because I like them and would buy them again in a heartbeat. Happy camping!

17 thoughts on “Tiny Living | What Can You Cook Inside a Small RV?

    1. Get one like mine that does multiple things. It’s totally worth it. It replaces so many appliances. It’s even a dehydrator, which is great for camping!

  1. Love the videography including the jazzy background music. Of course I am most delighted to see the air fryer, my new best friend.

      1. Many times. It is perfection cooked in the air fryer. I think my husband wonders if I would save him or the air fryer first in an emergency!!

      2. LoL! Perfectly reasonable doubt to have! One of the things I’ve been doing with mine lately is to air fry the shrimp but then adding it to alfredo pasta. The crunchiness is so delightfully unexpected!

      3. Hmmmm….. Try it with salmon! I’ve made salmon pasta before and it was good. I haven’t tried air frying that first but I bet it will be good.

  2. I have always managed very well when it comes to cooking in the motorhome and have even made Christmas dinner three times. One of our vans didn’t have an oven, but we bought an electric multi cooker, which is brilliant and you can use in a tiny space. Also made my own pizzas, quiches and cakes whilst on the road! I always treated my motorhome like my normal home and never went without anything I fancied cooking.

    1. That’s amazing! I think my air fryer is one of those electric multi-cookers. You can also use it as a toaster, dehydrator, rotisserie and lord knows what else! 😆

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