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When I considered the nomadic lifestyle, one of my biggest concerns was acclimating my cat to a life of travel. Shadow hadn’t set foot inside a car after I brought him home and he is incredibly skittish. Semi-ferals tend to bond with one person and generally either dislike or fear everyone else.

They require patience and an established routine. For more than four years, I had provided Shadow with these things and more. Over those years, we have marvelled at how he continues to evolve into a more carefree cat. He is a long way from friendly or tame to others, but to those who knew the cat I brought home, he has come a long way.

Even so, the first time I put Shadow in the truck, he howled so badly, I was sure PETA and the ASPCA were going to show up to arrest me. It was awful. My mom shook her head and said:

I don’t think this is going to work. If he doesn’t like the truck, how is he going to get used to the RV?

Still, I was determined and persevered. While cats can be incredibly stubborn, one thing I have always loved about Shadow is how easily he adapts. For instance, he is one of those cats you don’t need to train to find the new litter box when you move it. Every change I had made to our lives, he adjusted to with no hiccups.

I felt certain if I gave him a chance, he would grow to love life on the road. So, how did that turn out? Well, he’s currently sitting on the dinette table, soaking up the summer air and looking out the window. How did I manage to get him acclimated for travel and how do I ensure he stays safe and well-cared for on the road?

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15 thoughts on “RV Vlog | How To Travel Safely With Cats

    1. Thank you! I don’t want to give anyone a false picture of what it’s like out here. I also want to make sure Shadow is as excited about full-time travel as I am. The next big plan is to get him used to tent camping. Wish me luck! Haha.

      1. I think it would be worse for both of us if I traveled without him, so I accept the challenge. 😂

        It’s amazing how much he’s come out of his shell. The neighbour was standing by the door yesterday and he didn’t even run. He sat there and just watched.

        Back in ATL, that would never happen. He would have gone right into the bedroom and hid under the bed.

  1. 🥰 my cats hated being carried to the car and when the car was moving. They would get quiet at the vets. And then only fussed going home. I now believe they got car sick.

    I used clumping arm and hammer liter, and scooped every day. The only time it smelled bad was right after they pooped.

    Cats have never been domesticated. They tolerate us and even love us, but their natural instinct is to hunt and kill. 😃

    I love cats but we won’t get another one until or if one of us becomes house bound.

    1. I don’t think Shadow gets car sick, but he definitely gets anxious. The first time I put him in the car, he peed himself. That was the same day he was howling at me.

      That kitty litter sounds like the same one I use. I only smell it immediately after he poos as well, and most times, not even then.

      Shadow LOVES ME!! 😂😂😂

  2. This is interesting as I purchased my class c rv Saturday and will be semi nomadic spending the week days PCs camping at my job sites. I will have a particularly goofy and energetic (but super sweet) rescue lab with me. We have been in the process of acclimating while parked outside a family member’s house since Saturday night and so far so good.

    1. That’s awesome! I used to have a black lab. If yours is as energetic as mine was, you’ll probably have to make time to tire him out pretty often.

  3. You seem to have sorted things pretty well. I don’t think that cheap litter is ever a good choice. It is always well worth paying more for greater absorbency, or perfumed litter.

    1. Thank you! I spent a lot of time planning and thinking before we started traveling, so I was able to figure a few things out ahead of time. Cheap litter is definitely a bad idea!

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