Travel Vlog | Roadtrip in the FJ Cruiser From Vegas to the Mexican Border

The Vegas DMV was not very accommodating. They didn’t give a rat’s booty about my long drive back to California. Despite arriving early, they made me wait for almost five hours before letting me in. I killed as much time as I could in the truck. Between phone calls, muffins, and eBooks, I managed to stay sane while I waited.

By the time I finished the entire process of changing insurance, changing over registration, paying tax differences, and getting a new driver’s license, it was after dark. I then had a five-hour drive back to Shadow, who was patiently waiting for me in the RV at the California-Mexico border.

As a heads-up, this video is part two of my road trip from California to Nevada. It was Shadow’s first night alone in the RV. If the embedded video doesn’t work for you, try this link instead.

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3 thoughts on “Travel Vlog | Roadtrip in the FJ Cruiser From Vegas to the Mexican Border

  1. I think a certain kind of person works for any DMV. Mainly a person who needs to exercise power, limited as it is, over other people.

    1. Ha! You’re probably right about that. I couldn’t believe they made me wait. I didn’t make it back home until around 2am.

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