Wordless Wednesday | Pitching My First Tent

33 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday | Pitching My First Tent

  1. My stepdaughter lives in Riverside and I had no idea there was a campground there. Certainly not anywhere near her. I love the tent. Is it self assembling?

    1. Really! This was at El Cariso Campground. It overlooks Lake Elsinore on the way up.

      It’s a pop-up tent. Is that what you mean by self-assembling?

      1. Yes. I didn’t know the appropriate modern terms. Erecting a tent old style needed beer to avoid total conflicts!

      2. I’ve seen people do it and kudos to them! On the upside, I think those tents hold up to the wind better. Pop-up tents are meant to cave in on the side when you apply pressure. That’s how they close. But imagine when that pressure is from strong wind. I had one side pop in on me, on the Elsinore trip. 😂

      1. Nah, you have me beat on that one! 😂 You should look up the shiftpod tent. That one was made from NASA research. My tent is considered the poor man’s version of it. Those REALLY look like little space modules.

      2. Lol…”poor man’s version” I hope you are feeling much better after your covid-19 shot adventure.

      3. LoL, it is! My tent is $270. That one is about $1,000 for the same size.

        I’m not feeling well today, but I don’t think it’s vaccine related. I’m on new allergy meds so I’m placing the blame there.

        Tell my favourite llama I said hi! 😍

    1. Haha, I bought it because someone says it looks like an angry elf. I love it! 😂

      1. Buahahaha! That is true! I think mine would be tough to flood though. The rain fly actually has an overhang, like the awning of a house or RV. And it has what I can only describe as a bucket base. It goes up for about four inches before fitting to the rest of the tent. So I’d need about 4 inches of flood water or a bad leak. 😂😂😂

      2. Yes, I know that design, but when it blows a gale and also rains simultaneously, as it often happens in the UK, tents are not the best choice. Ours was flattened in a summer storm many years ago, thus the RV. Enjoy your tent.

      3. We get up to 75 MPH winds here in the desert. I wouldn’t ever try it, but some people camp in those winds. I’ve read that it’s about how you position the vehicle and the tent. I would much prefer being in the RV during a storm.

    1. Thank you! My friends have certainly teased me that I have a tent mansion, but I wanted one I can stand up in. It’s also very easy to set up. It’s a pop-up tent.

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