Travel Vlog | We Got Lost in the Mountains at Ladder Canyon in Mecca, California

Last week, I shared how Kevin and I navigated the dirt roads and ladder canyons of Mecca, California. In this video, we emerged from the slot canyons and started to walk along the mountain spines to find our way back. We got really lost, because the trail we chose was not a real trail. Instead, it ran parallel to the real trail, which should have taken us back down into the canyons.

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21 thoughts on “Travel Vlog | We Got Lost in the Mountains at Ladder Canyon in Mecca, California

      1. I had to treat myself to Dunkin Donuts when we got out. 😂

  1. Ooof. I was recreationally triggered by this. The fisheye quality of the video really enhanced the steepness of the spine trails. And you know when you reached that stony obstacle on the wrong path, I was all, “Don’t do it…turn around!” 😂

    1. Thank you! That stony obstacle was when I became 100% sure, this wasn’t the right route. One was in the shape of a big X! 😂

  2. Trails that deceive you into thinking they are on the map but in fact are not. I have been down some of them over here. It’s fun until you realise you’re lost and off-map.

    That looked like a beautiful day out, tho. I look forward to the Llama drama.

    1. Those trails are the absolute worst! I’ve gotten lost on quite a few of those in the desert. It’s way too easy to make a trail in the open sand and gravel out here. 😂

      It was a beautiful day out, but there was a warning for potential rain when we went. It started to look like it would rain toward the end. I’m glad we got out when we did. 😂

      1. Nope! It’s all open desert. The only shelter might be inside the canyon and that’s definitely not somewhere to be when it rains. The water would head straight down there. 😂

  3. it is a shame the trails are not better marked. i know about following the wrong trail all too well. using topo maps, a compass and an altimeter got me back on track. though sometimes i have had to bushwack or backtrack. and it is not fun when you are carrying a heavy backpack! lol but sometimes the story of such mistakes are much better to listen too. lol if one lives through them! lol

    1. It’s a shame indeed! Luckily, it showed up on the Alltrails map, even though it wasn’t in the book. That’s where we could clearly see it led to nowhere.

      We should have just turned back when the trail started to narrow and we didn’t see a soul out there. 😂

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