Wordless Wednesday | Half Llama, Half Alpaca

9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday | Half Llama, Half Alpaca

    1. Haha, they must be much friendlier than llamas! Llamas only ever try to sniff me. 😂

    1. I asked her about that and the overgrown nails. She gave me a weird look and said, “He’s a farm animal, not a pet.” 😶

      He’s there to protect the sheep.

      1. Doesn’t matter if he’s a farm animal or not. Sheep are not pets and can be farm animals but they are sheared. She’s being very cruel to that llama but not having him shared and not trimming his toenails. Tell her but she clips her toenails and she’s Not a dance. But think about how it feels for him to walk on his overgrown nails. All llamas have some alpaca in them. People usually don’t breed llamas and alpacas much anymore as there’s no need for it. And you usually get a funny looking llama. Lol

      2. She gave me that “look at this stupid city girl” look when I asked about it and kept pressing. The people who brought me also kinda started giving me side eyes, so I left it alone. I do agree with you though. It’s cruel. She started making excuses after that, saying his fur is so thick that it breaks shears.

        He is a little funny looking, haha, but he’s adorable. He’s definitely not a full llama and he’s bigger than your boys.

      3. You should have said you know a llama expert and he said….it needs care. Lol. Break shears? Seems like a poor excuse. Not sure what you mean by ‘not a full llama”. My llamas are average but I have had bigger and smaller.

      4. He’s not just a llama. He’s half alpaca.

        We all felt she was making poor excuses. But not much you can do in those situations after having already voiced your opinion.

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