RV Travel Vlog | Paddleboarding for the First Time in 8 Years at Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

After leaving Valley of State Park, my first stop was Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah. I had just bought a paddleboard to replace my kayak, so I wanted to take it out on the water as soon as possible.

While I was looking forward to returning to an old hobby, I was a little bit nervous about getting back on the board. It had been eight years since I last got on a paddleboard. In the video, I share the experience that makes me a little wary of SUPs.

I was at Sand Hallow in mid-May. To see what I’ve been up to lately, check out my Instagram. For more recent YouTube videos, subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching!

10 thoughts on “RV Travel Vlog | Paddleboarding for the First Time in 8 Years at Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

  1. My therapist loves the things. I, on the other hand, am going to quietly sit on the porch swing and remember jumping into streams as a kid. I hope someday to find a fairly empty one near us to get into.

    1. I think you would like paddle boarding. I used to get a lot of arm pain after paddle boarding in Jamaica, but that’s likely because I wasn’t in calm water. I’ve never had that problem here. 😅

      1. I think I prefer lying down on a board!! Send me your email address again please and I will forward a photo of the kids on the raft trip. (Privately of course.) I mean the email address.

  2. Paddle boarding sounds like my kind of jam; it sounds a lot more peaceful than kayaking through rapid waters, that is! Only dilemma would be balance, as I’m sure that the first few attempts will be wobbly, but to do so amidst all of that beautiful scenery you captured, one wouldn’t be complaining!

    1. I love it! If balance doesn’t work out quite as well as you might hope, you could just sit or kneel on it like I do. People do it all the time. I saw a couple and their dog out on a paddle board in Lake Mead, once. I thought it was hilarious how they all fit and stayed in sync without toppling over. 😅

  3. Paddle boarding is fun but it takes some time getting used to. I’ve only tried it once borrowing a friend’s board. You certainly want to start with calm pristine waters.

    1. I wish I had started with calm, pristine waters. Maybe I would be a lot less terrified of standing on the board. 🤣

    1. I’ve seen quite a few seniors paddle boarding. You might just surprise yourself. 🙂

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