RV Travel Vlog | RV Camping in Grand Junction and Fruita (Colorado)

Despite the nightmare trip from Utah to Colorado, I enjoyed my stay in the Centennial State. During the week I stayed there, I camped at the Colorado National Monument and the Fruita Section of the Colorado State Park. I also stayed at an RV park during my workdays, so I could worry less about electricity and water and focus on getting work done.

On my day off, I managed to take the paddleboard out again. Then, it was time to prep for another long driving day from Southern California to Central Wyoming.

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7 thoughts on “RV Travel Vlog | RV Camping in Grand Junction and Fruita (Colorado)

    1. They’re known for pies?? I didn’t but I did get some enormous cookies from a local store. 😅

    1. Wow! Did you enjoy it? Be safe. People in that area don’t wear masks and have a low vaccination rate.

      1. I’m glad they’re enforcing that. I’ve spent about 2 weeks total there in the past few months and they’re just carrying on as if there’s no pandemic. It’s quite strange. I hope you enjoyed the trip!

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