RV Travel Vlog | Casper To Hot Springs County | First Time on a Wyoming Farm

Last time, I shared that I had a full itinerary when I arrived in Casper, WY. After that, it was time to move on to Hot Springs County, where I got to experience a Wyoming farm for the first time. Shadow really enjoyed life on the farm. We spent a full month there and then I left for the Grand Tetons and Colorado.

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4 thoughts on “RV Travel Vlog | Casper To Hot Springs County | First Time on a Wyoming Farm

    1. Kevin was my neighbour in California. His family lives in Wyoming, including on this farm and another ranch I visited.

  1. The canyons you went through reminded me of the canyons in Colorado that our train went through.
    So did you ride while you were on the ‘farm/ranch?” I take it the owners welcome visitors (for a price?).

    1. Interesting! They also remind me of the canyons you drive through coming from St. George into Vegas. I don’t know the name of those canyons, and they’re not as pretty, but they are majestic.

      I did go horseback riding while on the farm. That’s a separate video that I’ll post here about 2 weeks from now, but it’s already on my channel. The videos I post here are always about 3 weeks behind YouTube.

      The owners are Kevin’s family, so they were happy to welcome me for free and quite sad when I left. I may seem them again when I pass through this November.

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