RV Travel Vlog | What To Do In Thermopolis, Wyoming

Thermopolis is a small town by American standards. But, at roughly 3,000 people, it is a pretty decent size for Wyoming.

There is no Walmart or many of the restaurant chains you’re used to seeing. And, driving through the downtown area is like stepping back in time into a modernized cowboy movie. Even so, there are quite a few things to keep you busy:

  1. Ranch animals and horseback riding
  2. Gebo Ghost Town
  3. Bighorn River Rafting
  4. Hot Springs
  5. Annual Parade & Rodeo

I stayed here for an entire month before the travel itch got me moving again.

11 thoughts on “RV Travel Vlog | What To Do In Thermopolis, Wyoming

  1. Nice video of some of the sights around there, Alexis! Did you visit the Wyoming Dinosaur Center there? It’s excellent! We also enjoyed a dip in the pool at Hot Springs State Park Bath House and finding LOTS of interesting rocks. It’s a great place for rockhounding. 🙂

    1. I didn’t visit the dinosaur center! It was indoors and I just didn’t feel comfortable being inside with people who are antivaxx and unmasked. I’m high-risk and Wyoming has an insanely high transmission rate. Maybe next summer I’ll be able to visit!

      1. I don’t blame you! I got out of Wyoming as soon as I could and not a second too soon. Days after I left, the two groups I spent time with there had COVID-19 rolling through their circles.

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