RV Travel Vlog | A Day By the River with the FJ Cruiser (Wyoming)

If you haven’t been following my updates on Instagram, you’re probably wondering why my posts have been so sparse over the past few weeks. That’s because I’ve been heading south from Wyoming to Mexico. I’m currently back in California and will cross the border, soon. Once I get into Mexico, my posting might become even more sporadic.

This video, which I’ve backdated to this Thursday on the blog, shows a simple and relaxing day by the Bighorn River in Wyoming. It might not make for the most exciting video in the world, but the experience of being able to pull your house up by a river for the afternoon is an amazing one. Some things are better experienced from the inside!

2 thoughts on “RV Travel Vlog | A Day By the River with the FJ Cruiser (Wyoming)

  1. I would definitely have gone in the river, since I grew up swimming in really cold water! But you did answer one question about how you manage in the really hot weather – Moab was brutal for me! We also have a swamp cooler that we use to cool our garage – we recently discovered that the builder had not insulated it, the way we had contracted for. They work pretty well but I think you are better at dealing with heat than I am!

    1. I’m from the tropics, so I adjust pretty easily to heat. 😅 Dry heat is especially easy because it’s the humidity that really makes heat unbearable.

      Did you get your money back from that botched contract job? I hope you did!

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