What To Do in Wyoming | Rafting Down the Bighorn River in Hot Springs County

Last week, I shared a relaxing day by the river. This week, I raft down that river with Kevin and his mom. It looks like a peaceful drift, but that’s because we had to put the phones and cameras away for the rough spots. You’ll need to turn your sound on and listen to the narration to follow this one. Otherwise, enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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9 thoughts on “What To Do in Wyoming | Rafting Down the Bighorn River in Hot Springs County

  1. The rating looks like so much fun – but I’d be in the water, too. How fast was the current running? Could people who had homes on the edge of the river swim off their lawns?
    Maybe you could some time show a map of the various places you’ve been in Wyoming?

    1. The water is pretty swift, so I’m not sure swimming is a good idea unless they’re really strong swimmers to beat the current. But, other than that, yes. They could definitely get from their lawns to the water. In fact, the land behind where Kevin jumped off the rock is private property too. That’s why he didn’t go much further than where he did.

      I traveled throughout all of Wyoming except the Northeast. Maybe next summer I’ll give that area a try. We shall see!

  2. Wow that looks like a lot of fun! I did something similar a few years ago with friends. Unfortunately my boat capsized in some rapids haha.

    1. Goodness! We had some rough bits, but nothing that felt like we would capsize! We did see people fall off paddle boards though and one canoe/kayak did flip.

      1. I was just in a two person canoe. It wasn’t super rough but neither of us were particularly experienced. We were fine though, and my possessions were in a dry bag and found further down the river so I didn’t lose anything.

      2. Haha very much so. If my friend hadn’t advised me just before the trip to get a dry bag then my phone would’ve been wrecked also.

    1. The worst part is I brought a camera specifically for the rougher bits. It was handsfree. But we couldn’t get it to work.

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