I Launched My Patreon! Help Me Diversify the Great Outdoors.

Update 2023: I launched Substack simultaneously and found that Substack better suited my needs. I have now moved everything to Substack.

When I show up at a campground, people notice. I have a handsome setup, of course. But far more fascinating to my neighbours is that a young, Black woman is out adventuring alone. The men often introduce themselves by commenting on my solo backing in skills. Women often come to congratulate me on embarking on the solo adventure they often wish they had taken before marriage compromised their independence.

Every so often, I also encounter fellow non-retirees, who are usually in their 40s. I have also met my fair share of older women travelling solo and living the life they always dreamed of. But, I have only met two millennials travelling full-time (they were married to each other) and I rarely encounter other persons of colour. Not surprisingly, over the past year, dozens of people in these rarer demographics have reached out to me.

Their curiosity is no less evident than my retiree neighbours, but their motivation for asking questions is far different. They don’t just want to know how I created this life for myself. They’re also curious to know how they can replicate it or create a good plan for themselves. Consequently, I spend a lot of time — happily! — passing on remote work opportunities, giving social media advice, offering budgeting tips, privately reviewing gear I own, and giving pet travel advice.

Encouraging Diversity

The very first day I arrived in Mexico, two Arizonans fell in love with my FJ Cruiser and invited me to go offroading on the sand dunes. That was the first time anyone had ever invited me offroad and actually followed through with it. It compelled me to reflect on something I had discussed here before: how difficult it is to gain traction or build a community within the White-dominated offroading, overlanding and RVing spaces.

“I never thought people like us were out there doing that stuff,” is a comment I get often. It’s often followed by, “I’ve always wanted to do it, but I don’t know how, I don’t have anyone to go with, and I don’t know where to start.”

To be honest, when I first bought my rig, encouraging diversity was the furthest thing from my mind. My goals were simple: minimalism and full-time travel. Yet, I hadn’t been on the road for a week when minorities started reaching out to me on social media for advice. Months later, I became part of a diversity campaign launched by Goal Zero.

The lovely people it connected me with juxtaposed against the racists posting hateful comments only further reminded me of the importance of community. I recognized that the gatekeepers in White-dominated spaces felt threatened and there was no time like the present to kick down the gate.

Building Commmunity

Since then, I realize that community is often on the mind of many other solo adventurers, regardless of their age, race or gender. Recently, a British environmentalist working in Costa Rica asked me a question that has stayed with me since. He asked whether I had found community and lamented that while he thoroughly enjoyed the people around him, he hadn’t yet found community in his travels or in Costa Rica.

But, what exactly is community? Is it a space filled with people who look like us, talk like us, think like us, or share the same generation? It is, for some people, and that sounds perfectly boring. For me, community happens when people from diverse backgrounds share strong values and interests that tie us together.

Kicking down the gate is going to be a long, labour-intensive process. It will require suiting up all the trespassers one by one — until our mere presence is protest enough.

Funding the Goal

I am certainly not the biggest and the baddest when it comes to breaching the gate with diversity. But, for whatever reason, quite a few people seem to have chosen me for the job and I’d like to help them get to where they want to be. So, if I could spend less time on client work and more time on diversifying the outdoors, I count that as progress.

Whether you’d like to learn how to travel full-time or you want to help me empower the people who want to, consider subscribing to my Patreon. The lowest contribution is just $5 per month and you can cancel at any time. If this is more than you can spare, then consider supporting me for free by subscribing to my YouTube channel. I post new videos every Friday!

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7 thoughts on “I Launched My Patreon! Help Me Diversify the Great Outdoors.

  1. oh dont get me going on why people of color dont do many of the thongs white people do. my observations and thoughts would be way too hard to type it out. lol I CAN NOT think of a person better to tackle this new goal of yours than YOU. i will see what i can do besides being a sub to your youtube.

    1. I don’t think people realize how bad it is. However bad they think it is, it’s worse than that! 😶 I’m lucky to have met some lovely people along the way, but the a**holes frequently show up to burst my bubble.

      You’ve been a big support to me so far and I appreciate it! 🙌🏽 If you know anyone who might be interested in supporting or who’s trying to get out here, refer me. I’m glad you think I’m the woman for the job!

  2. Pretty ironic when we remember that the great outdoors was quite diversified with the variety of indigenous peoples many years ago! How did it get so white anyway? Of course I know. In Oregon a person of color couldn’t be in town after sunset in many places. Way to go you to make a dent in the outdoors.

    1. Thank you! I stand out like a sore thumb out here for sure. I left the RV park I was at last week. I visited yesterday and people I had never met knew who I was and what my name was because….of course, I’m the only Black girl at camp! They are lovely to me, though! I hope you consider signing up for my Patreon. Help me kick down the gate! 🙌🏽

  3. I know what you are talking about and I feel you. I always want to do it but will not because of the same reason – lack of community. So, I confine myself to traveling places, taking photographs, and blogging about it.

    1. I’m sorry you feel deterred by it. I’m not gonna lie to you: it can be rough out here. I hope you change your mind and join me, though! Feel free to ask my questions anytime. The lowest Patreon is also only $5 so I hope you consider it. Help me get more people like us on the road! 🙌🏽

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