I Almost Lost My Eye at a Haunted Airbnb in Tombstone, Arizona

Haunted Airbnb in Tombstone, AZ

In mid-August, my mom flew in from Atlanta to spend three weeks with me. We started our journey in El Paso, TX. From there, we traveled to New Mexico and then Arizona. Finally, we crossed the border into Mexico. After two weeks south of the border, it was time to retrace our steps so I could drop her off at the airport. We had taken the RV to Mexico, but we decided to go back via Airbnb. Because we had Shadow with us, we had limited Airbnbs to choose from, especially on such short notice. Consequently, we ended up booking a last-minute suite in Tombstone, AZ.

At first, the name didn’t ring a bell. However, as we drove into town, it finally did. I told my mom that two friends had stayed in the area last April and absolutely hated it. They said it was beautiful and rich with history, but they felt a lot of bad energy from tormented souls in the area. The town was especially notorious for its lawlessness, so that came as no surprise. Mom rolled her eyes and laughed as we rolled up to our creepy-looking Airbnb. We soon forgot about the story as we moved what we needed from the car to the room.

Shadow’s Protest

My adventure cat has traveled full-time with me for the past two years. He has camped with me in tents, the RV, Airbnbs, and villas. He is 100% accustomed to being on the move and having no idea where he might wake up after a long car ride. Yet, when we took Shadow out of the truck, he would not go into the Airbnb. In fact, he tried to make a run for it back to the truck. He was so determined that I sent Mom back to the truck for the carrier to put him inside until he calmed down.

Inside the Airbnb

While we unpacked and cleaned up, Shadow wailed. Long after we were done, he was still wailing and running around the Airbnb in a wild panic. It was not a normal meow. It was a very creepy wail, almost like a warning against a threat. This went on for at least two hours. It made Mom uneasy. I laughed and reminded her that my friend had said Tombstone was a haunted town.

“I bet we’ll see ghosts tonight!” I teased.

Mom was not impressed.

The Late Night Sounds

Sunset in Tombstone, AZ

We had driven for hours to get to Tombstone and had two states ahead of us, so sleep claimed us early. Sadly, my sleep schedule has a nasty glitch. If I go to bed before midnight, I wake up early in the morning, unable to go back to sleep for hours. I have tried even going at 11:59 pm and the result is the same. Knowing this, Mom resolved to talk to me so I would stay awake for the next half an hour.

With all the lights off and the Nintendo put away, however, we started to notice the creepy sounds inside the Airbnb. First, it sounded like someone was walking on the roof. Then, we heard some strange gurgling noises. Upon investigation, that turned out to be a fridge. Just when we thought we had identified and resolved all the strange noises, Shadow started to wail again.

“Shadow, stop that!” Mom shouted into the dark.

She shifted uneasily next to me. “I hate it when he does that. Why is he doing that? He never does that.”

I started to laugh. “Well…” I began, for the millionth time since we arrived, “remember the place is haunted.” I continued to tease about all the ghosts that might be prowling about and how one might come inside.

The Midnight Howl

Mom was silent for a time. Then, she said, “Well, ghosts don’t like black cats and we have a black cat, so we’re good.”

She had barely finished the sentence when Shadow hopped up between us on the bed. “Speak of the devil!” I began. “It’s―”

“A-woooooooooo!” came a shrill voice from right next to me.

Shadow heard it, freaked out, and did a back flip off the window. The back of his paw landed in my eye and I bolted out of bed. Shadow weighs 12 lbs and in his panic, used my eye as his pivoting point. He hit me at full speed and full strength. I felt my eye explode in my head and felt certain: this was it. I was going to lose my eye.

“Why did you do that?!”

“Do what? What happened?” Mom shouted, turning on the light.

“Why did you yell a-wooooo??” I accused her.

“What?? Yell what??”

The Continued Denial

When the pain subsided, I stumbled out of bed and to the bathroom. My eye was bloodshot red and I couldn’t keep it open for more than two or so seconds. I wondered how on Earth I was going to drive us to Texas with an eye like that. I flushed my eye with water and then stumbled back to bed. Mom told me for the millionth time that she had not said a-woooo and never heard the sound.

Yet, Shadow and I clearly did.

I didn’t believe her.

I was now wide awake. All the sleep that had weighed heavily on me before was gone. It didn’t help that my eye was throbbing. I barely slept that night, not out of fear or even confusion, but from sheer discomfort. I woke up every half an hour or so. At one point, I was awake enough to reroute a FedEx package, pay a bill, and then get up to rinse my eye with salt water. The salt water rinse probably saved my eye from infection.

Later the next day, Mom shared that she didn’t fall asleep until sunrise.

A Long Drive

“Seriously,” I questioned Mom on the drive to New Mexico. “Are you joking with me? Did you really not say, ‘A-woooooo’??”

“I didn’t!” Mom insisted again. “I really didn’t. And, I didn’t hear anything either. I didn’t even realize Shadow was on the bed.”

“I told you he was.”

“You did, but I didn’t look. My eyes were closed, and then the next thing I knew, you were asking me why I said something and scared Shadow.”

We arrived in New Mexico and met up with friends at the old development in Animas, NM. It was good to see friends and they were amused by my story. The husband gave mom his condolences for her only daughter clearly losing her mind. The wife had a different thought.

“Maybe, you said it while falling asleep without realizing?” she suggested.

“Exactly!” I said. “How do you know the ghosts didn’t command you to say it and you did it, so you don’t remember??”

The husband made that woo-woo circle around his head to say I had finally lost it.

The New Airbnb

Our final Airbnb together was that evening in Texas. We had dilly-dallied in New Mexico for several hours, on purpose. The guy had a thousand rules that made it impossible to enjoy the space. So, we decided to show up as late as possible and leave as early as possible. We arrived at 9 pm.

Upon arrival, Shadow began to investigate the place with his tail held high. After we had unpacked all our things, showered, and cleaned up, I noticed Mom sitting quietly and watching my adventure kitty.

Shadow exploring the loft at the second Airbnb

“You know, I’ve been thinking. I really thought you were messing with me, but look at Shadow. He isn’t behaving the weird way he was in the other Airbnb. He’s fine. What if it really happened?”

“I’ve been thinking too,” I said. “The a-woooo sound wasn’t an animal. It was definitely a human voice making the sound. You know how strong wolf symbolism is in Native American culture. This was Native land.”

That night, we slept like babies. Shadow did get up and start crying in the night, but it wasn’t the harpy wail he had let out at the other Airbnb. This was a cry we knew. It was the, “I can’t believe you two really went to bed this early and no one bothered to give me any wet food!”

Did a ghost really yell a-wooooo in the window at midnight in Tombstone, AZ? Who knows what really happened? But, whatever it was, it scared the crap out of my cat ― and almost cost me my eye.

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22 thoughts on “I Almost Lost My Eye at a Haunted Airbnb in Tombstone, Arizona

  1. 😂😂Oh god, hush Alexis! No baby, that couldn’t be me. I’d scream “LET ME OUT” 💀💀. The way you wrote this, I thought I was reading a novel versus a replay of what happened. Had me clutching my invisible pearls in shock! Gyal yuh good 😂.

    But fr doe, hush doll! How is your eye now? I hope better.

    1. Lawd, me swear me did a guh blind! 😭 Woulda neva go back to that place ever again.

      Glad you at least found it entertaining though. 😂

    1. Glad I didn’t lose my eye, either! Poor Shadow didn’t mean any harm. He was scared out of his wits by the a-woooooo, wherever it came from!

  2. What an adventure! Staying in haunted places is a thrill, but not at the cost of almost losing an eye! Glad you, your mom, and Shadow escaped that Airbnb!

  3. I’m happy you didn’t lose an eye. I really do think there were some spirits in that Airbnb. 😳 It’s a good thing you and your mom didn’t stay there very long.

    1. Thanks, Ariel! If we had booked a longer stay, we would have definitely checked out early. We left as soon as we woke up that morning. Didn’t even stick around for breakfast.

  4. That sounds really scary. Animals have that 6th sense we lack, so I trust them more than humans. All my 3 dogs used to look up at the ceiling in my old house sitting room and growl at it like if there was someone up there, even my most placid Saluki. I later found out that my sound had held a seance there using a ouija board while we were away and some creepy things had happened. Sometimes Beani, my present dog, would look past me on the sofa and start barking in warning and I simply had to leave the room. I started feeling uncomfortable in my own house.

    1. Oh wow! I’ve seen some strange things in my life, so my family stays away from Ouija boards. I’m sure some of them are harmless. But I’ve seen things without them, so I can’t imagine what I would unleash if I used one.

      Were you ever able to cleanse the home?

  5. When my daughter moved into their house, one of their cats was constantly hissing at something/nothing. It was so bad they ended up saging the house and the cat finally calmed down. We are not alone as they say!

      1. Well it sounds like you didn’t get much sleep to begin with. LOL and I think I would prefer staying in a motel/hotel. Lol. But then you wouldn’t have a story to tell. 🤣

      2. We were in the middle of nowhere! Tombstone is a tiny town. 😂 Shadow and I could have slept in the rooftop tent but mom wouldn’t be able to make it up there. She wouldn’t even sleep in the lofts at the second Airbnb. 😂

      3. Yes I’m aware of your predicament. But I think I would have something in a motel hotel not in an Airbnb even going to that small town knowing it’s past history. Unless I was going there to experience some paranormal activity. Lol. Anyways it makes for a good story and something you can look back on and have a good laugh about. And just remember paranormal activity is real.

      4. I didn’t really take my friend seriously when she said it. Nor did I believe we’d actually see anything. I was just teasing mom. Apparently, it wasn’t all jokes after all. 😂

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