Alex Heads to New Hampshire PT 2: Wildcat Falls Conservation Area

I spent my first day in New Hampshire, hiking Mine Falls Park. The following day, I headed south of the state border into Massachusetts, and covered 5 trails on that trip. While Massachusetts did have a few highlights along the trails, none of them came close to what I originally found in New Hampshire.

1 Wildcat Falls Conservation Area Sign

So the following day, I took the opposite route, and went north to Merrimack, a nice homely town in the Live Free or Die state.

I chose Wildcat Falls entirely on a whim that morning, after finding out another trail I had planned on visiting was reserved for mountain bikers.

Wildcat did not disappoint.

Picking a Route

2 Wildcat Falls Conservation Area Map.jpg

When I go hiking, unless there’s something spectacular for me to see, I like to just head onto the trail and go where my feet take me. So far, it’s worked. I’ve never gotten lost in the woods before.

This time, the spectacular sight I didn’t want to miss was the waterfall, which meant taking the Falls Loop Trail. Once I had identified the route I needed to take, where I was relative to the markers, and where to make the first turn, it was time to get started.

Fun Fact: Apparently, I was so focused on mapping my hike, I never noticed that bear country sign until I was going back through the pictures when I got to the hotel. 😅

The Swamp

3 Wildcat Falls Algae Swamp.jpg

One of the first things I noticed when I entered was a swamp-like-pond covered with a green film of algae. If you’ve watched my vlogs, then this is where I shot my introductory commentary on my first impressions of Wildcat Falls.

4 Wildcat Falls Small Pond.jpg

Directly beyond the swamp was a small stream that seemed to be formed from drainage infrastructure. Even so, it was beautiful, in its own way.

5 Wildcat Falls Wall and Tree.jpg

With findings like these, I advanced on to the Falls Loop, confident that this trail would wow me. I was not wrong. This trail would become the most beautiful New England trail of the 8 I hiked on my trip.

6 Wildcat Falls Fallen Tree.jpg

No surprise there, right?

Starting the Loop

6 Wildcat Falls Loop Hiking Trail NH.jpg

I knew the little pond and drainage area could never feed a waterfall, so while I walked, I kept an eye out for a larger waterbody — a river of some sort.

7 Wildcat Falls Autumn Colors Merrimack.jpg

I had to climb up onto a rock to get this, but selfie sticks are good for more than just pictures of yourself. During my trip, it helped me hold my camera high enough to take pictures that would have otherwise been impossible. These were some of them.

8 Wildcat Falls Riverside.jpg

Some also required scrambling down river banks to get a closer look. Totally worth it, and even better — I managed not to fall in.

And better than even that? The view between the trees. It was so peaceful here, even though it had more foot-traffic than any of the other trails I visited in New England.

The Waterfall

17 Wildcat Falls Rocks and Fallen Trees.jpg

The longer I walked, the louder the roar of the waterfall. When I stumbled upon this little damn here, I knew I had to be close.

22 Wildcat Falls Hiking Trail in the Fall.jpg

The fall wasn’t as big as I had anticipated. In fact, it wasn’t big at all, but it was beautiful all the same.

The Way Back

26 Wildcat Falls Through the Trees

I did end up on the red trail, and tacked on another .6 miles to my route by accident — all because I insisted on following the river.

27 Wildcat Falls Through the Leaves.jpg

Buy I quickly realised what I had done, and followed it back to the Falls Loop.

30 Wildcat Falls Woodsy Trails NH.jpg

Once back in the loop, the autumn colours intensified, reflecting in a much larger swamp than I saw at the front of the park.

ss29 Wildcat Falls Fall Colours Swamp

After this, I made my way out and headed to the Lobster Boat in Merrimack for lunch. I raced through my meal much faster than I would have liked, but I had to. I had one more trail to see before I left New Hampshire, and I wanted to make sure I got there with plenty of sunlight left so spare.

Stay tuned for the last beautiful piece of New Hampshire I had the pleasure of exploring!

14 Alexis Chateau Blooper.jpg

Alexis Chateau Black Cat

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15 thoughts on “Alex Heads to New Hampshire PT 2: Wildcat Falls Conservation Area

  1. Please note: Wildcat Falls Conservation Area is CLOSED until further notice as of June 26th, 2020 due to illegal activities, overuse and trail damage.

    1. Thank you! However, I took this trip in 2017 and I don’t live in New England. ☺️

  2. wow. I have very vivid memories of hiking the Wildcats in New Hampshire on the Appalachian Trail. However it looks like the conservation area is far more scenic than the path the AT took us on. we followed ski chutes straight up the mountain. I wonder if the Wildcat ski area is near the conservation area?
    The colors and refreshing water you showed us here makes me think I might have taken the path less traveled by 😉

    1. Hi Gabe! Long time no see! I’ve been meaning to tell you, I can’t comment on your blog via WordPress reader anymore. Is it on .com still, or did you move to .org? The only thing I can do is like 🙁

      And thank you! I’m sure the route I took was pretty well-traveled, being near the waterfall. But maybe not so much in the winter, when ski opportunities are available!

      If you ever get to head back there in the fall, you should definitely try the Falls Loop at Wildcat Falls. Thanks for reading. 😊

      1. I’m sorry to hear you can’t comment via the reader. I haven’t made any site changes (in fact I’ve been on several long hikes for past several months so haven’t been blogging at all) and looks like I’m still getting new comments. But I hate to think that it’s difficult for you to access my blog. If you find you still aren’t able to share comments via reader, let me know and I’ll get in touch with the WordPress happiness engineers so we can straighten things out. Thanks again Alexis!

      2. Hey Gabe, still can’t comment and also now cannot read your full posts. I’ve checked other sites and it only happens with yours, so far. Not sure why. I can send you screenshots if you like.

      3. arrrggg! Looks like I better get in touch with the happiness engineers. I’m sure you’re busy, but I’d be super grateful if you would send me screenshots to help diagnose. Thanks so much!

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