Black Violin in Augusta, GA

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Back in 2016, I wrote a blog post about seeing Black Violin peform, on one of my less than happy nights. I spoke of how the wailing of the violin and viola tugged at a lingering melancholia from weathering my first noteworthy failure in life, at the ripe old age of 26.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from that time in my life, further ingrained into my mind by that night, was never to peg hopes for success on any venture that involves partnering with someone else. It may sound harsh, but it is a lesson that has served me well since, and brought me my happiest years.

With this new change in my circumstances, and an overwhelming sense of contentment with my life, I wondered if I would appreciate Black Violin on stage as I had when they were a reflection of a darkness I harboured out of hurt and betrayal.

The answer is they were just as good, if not better, and I am so glad I took the road trip up to Augusta with my senior business consultant and travel agent, to see them. Thanks to Johnson, and Black Violin’s viola-player—Wil B—for hooking us up with the free tickets and backstage passes!

And now, without further preamble, here are clips from the show. They tour worldwide, so if Black Violin ever rolls through your town, please—PLEASE—go see them. I promise you: you will not regret it. It’s amazing what these two can do with their instruments, and they are definitely one of those bands that are best experienced, live.

What do you think of their unique blend of classicial music with hip hop? Are you also a big fan of the violin/viola? Share your thoughts in the comments, below!

Alexis Chateau Black Violin Augusta GA
Me, waiting [im]patiently to go backstage after the show. =D

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9 thoughts on “Black Violin in Augusta, GA

    1. I’m glad you like them. They start touring again in the summer, I think. You can check tour dates on their website. 😊

    1. Yup, that’s a really unique blend they have going. I love going to their shows!

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