Book Reading of The Moreau Witches at the HELLIUM Halloween Event on October 31st

The Moreau Witches by Alexis Chateau

On October 31st, I celebrated the Halloween Release of The Moreau Witches by doing a book-reading at the HELLIUM event at the Healium Center in East Atlanta Village. There were many family, friends, and fans who lamented not being able to make it, so I shot a half-decent recording of the reading to share.

I only read the prologue, so if you would much rather read the prologue for yourself, you can find that here.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Part 3:



Interested in Purchasing the Book?

It is also available on my website for just $3.99. The print version of the novel is in the works and should be readyβ€”fingers crossed!β€”by Thanksgiving.


10 thoughts on “Book Reading of The Moreau Witches at the HELLIUM Halloween Event on October 31st

  1. Nice to hear your voice, Alexis. I hope the reading session went well. It sounds like a great start to the story and well written. Now that we are returning to the UK and will have wifi, I’ll try and download book. All the best. πŸ‘β€

    1. It went really well. Some people really seemed to struggle with the questions about Europe and the West Indies. I was really surprised as I had picked the easiest ones possible. πŸ‘€

      That’s great! I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. πŸ˜„

      1. I expect the American Education system doesn’t dwell much on European History/Culture. I admit I haven’t watched all of the video as we were travelling and I was on my mobile data allowance. Tomorrow I hope to catch up with things on wifi. Busy day today. Have a great weekend. You’ve earned it. πŸ‘β€

      2. It doesn’t. It mostly just covers American history. Seems a little ridiculous considering that Americans owe their roots to the other side of the big pond.

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