Travel Vlog: Exploring Kingston & Montego Bay (Jamaica)

In I TRAVELLED TO JAMAICA ON MY EXPIRED PASSPORT & EXPIRED GREEN CARD (WILL UNCLE SAM TAKE ME BACK?), I said I wouldn’t have enough footage to share my trip in story format. Well, I lied—though not intentionally. After going over the videos and photos from the trip, I realised I had enough to make a neat little video.

See below!

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14 thoughts on “Travel Vlog: Exploring Kingston & Montego Bay (Jamaica)

    1. Haha, I have seen videos of that storm. Those storms sober me up every time I get to thinking I would live up north. 😂

  1. Wow! I love the blue of that sea! And it looks so crystal clear too! It was great that you got to see your grandma and uncle, butI was sorry to see your dilapidated house. How did you feel about that?

    1. There’s nothing like the blue of the sea in the tropics! 😍 I’m also glad I got to see my family and friends.

      I have no feelings regarding the house. I was filming it from the house we built to replace it. I really wish they would knock it down already.

      I moved around a lot as a child, so I don’t really feel any attachment to any one place. If I had any attachment it would be to the convent I spent my first 2 and a half years, in Seaford Town, Westmoreland, Jamaica. Despite being so young, I have very vivid and accurate memories of that place. 😊

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