Travel Vlog | Jumbo Rocks, Baker Dam, Key View and Hall of Horrors at Joshua Tree National Park

I had so much footage from running around in Joshua Tree that I had to split the videos into two. This is part two for last week. Most of it came from the Hall of Horrors. Looking back, I probably should have made it it’s own video, but the compilation is probably more interesting than seeing the same thing for 10 minutes!

I hiked Jumbo Rocks and Baker Dam solo. Kevin accompanied me to Key View and Hall of Horrors. He’s the campground neighbour whose family invited me up to Wyoming to ride horses, fish, camp, and ride ATVs. That’s also where I’ll kick off my RV renovations, which includes upgrading my solar system and repainting all this brown in the RV.

In the meantime, here’s part two of last week’s video. If the embedded video below doesn’t work, use this link. Thanks for watching and I hope you subscribe!

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31 thoughts on “Travel Vlog | Jumbo Rocks, Baker Dam, Key View and Hall of Horrors at Joshua Tree National Park

    1. Thank you! It’s a magical place. The rock formations and the mountains are stunning.

    1. I’ve been thinking about it! I’ve heard great things about that park. I have the America the Beautiful pass, so it would be great to put it to use.

      1. It’s well worth the drive up from the valley floor, into the park through the northwest entrance, and down to Yosemite’s Merced River valley. You need to plan a full day in the Park, and maybe another day for the drive up and back.

      2. You may need to reserve ahead — the campgrounds should be pretty open, but try to get a space near the river, which should be pretty full this time of year!

    1. I’ve been seeing more of that lately. I’m really glad more people are discussing it.

    1. Thank you! The blue tube is from the water bladder inside the backpack. It’s a lot easier to hike with than holding a water bottle in your hand. I highly recommend it!

      1. I guess how I video is also a good point too. I need my hands free for sure. If I held a camera and a water bottle, that would be dangerous out there.

  1. I hiked Barker Dam and a bit of Jumbo Rocks, although I will say that Barker Dam was all dried up when I went in the summer, which was kind of a disappointment. But regardless, JTNP is certainly the place to check out in California, and your video makes it look incredible!

    1. So dry in the winter and the summer?? I wonder if there’s ever water in there. 😂 Thanks for watching!

    1. Thank you and thank you for watching! Truly amazing out there. I’m hoping I can find time to head back to the park before I leave California.

      1. Are you also in California? If yes, then I have, but only Southern California. I’ve been as far south as the Mexican border and as far north as the Joshua Tree area. I’ve also driven from Winterhaven, through Blythe and into Vegas. Beautiful drive! Lake Tahoe and Death Valley are on my list.

      2. Yes, I live in Southern California. Lake Tahoe is amazing also. Death Valley lacks the beauty of Joshua tree to me. In my younger days I made many a drive from So Cal up the 1 or 101 to San Fran and further north. There is just about any climate you may like in CA. Big Bear is beautiful and has snow right now. Beach hopping was one of my favorite things to do once upon a time. Is the Grand Canyon on your bucket list. If not, it should be IMHO.

      3. I haven’t been to San Francisco yet. I’m not a big fan of big cities so it and LA are on a back burner for now. I’d really like to check out Big Bear. That’s not very far from me.

        Grand Canyon is on my list for sure but I’ll be away all summer so it might be a while before I finally make it there.

      4. I agree on the city part for sure. That’s why we’d drive up the coast, spend the day at a beach, then drive to the next beach the next day. So many beautiful ones to see. I think you’d enjoy Big Bear.
        Have safe and happy travels.

      5. I’ll be sure to check Big Bear before I leave Southern Cali. I should probably go soon before the snow disappears. Any recommendations for a day trip there? Where should I go?

      6. I’ve never tried that before, haha. You’ve lived more than I have!

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