THE CURSE OF KALAGA: The Book Is Finally in the Hands of Beta Readers

In high school, I wrote a screenplay for fun. It was just snippets within fanfic shared only between me and my best friend. I liked my little vampire screenplay and toyed with the idea of turning it into a separate, publishable novel. It’s been a decade and a half in the making, but I finally got it done. In truth, the book has been finished for at least six months, but I kept revisiting the ending to tweak it.

Like The Moreau Witches, this book begins with a dead body — well, several. Throughout the book, readers must better understand what vampires are, how they differ from each other, and whether there is even such a thing as a good one.

Hopefully, my beta readers enjoy reading The Curse of Kalaga as much as I enjoyed writing it. They have until June 30th to tell me whether they hate it and why. My editor gave me mostly good feedback on her beta-read last year, so let’s hope I have only improved the novel since then!

While they work on catching my plot bunnies by their fluffy tails, I will be working on designing the book cover and finding a good typesetter. I’ll also be helping Shadow work on his first book. By the time you read this, I will also have started my month-long trip from Southern California to Northern Wyoming.

Stay tuned!

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21 thoughts on “THE CURSE OF KALAGA: The Book Is Finally in the Hands of Beta Readers

    1. Thanks, Becky! I’m working on another one with Shadow in the meantime. 🙂

  1. How awesome! I love that you also have a passion for creative writing. Aside from a few poems published in small journals here and there when I was in college, I’ve only ever self-published a collection and never got the courage to take it up with a literary agent. Nor with beta readers. I’d be keen on reading your work once you publish it!

    1. Thank you! Did you get the chance to read The Moreau Witches? That one is already out. 🙃

      I’m not keen on literary agents myself. I was going to take the traditional publishing route but my dad talked me out of it. He worked in the music industry for a while and had experience with publishing rights from that perspective. He told me it’s just not worth giving up control over my work like that. So, I follow the same steps as a publishing house and let my company foot the bill.

      Do you have a link to your self-published book?

      1. I’ve not read The Moreau Witches; I’ll have to check it out! Yes, I think traditional publishing houses are becoming overrated these days, as they limit the author’s creative freedom and it’s all about the money/marketability…it’s no wonder more people are turning to self-publishing these days. It’s been over five years since I last published my book of poems, so I’ll need to dig it out somewhere, both hard-copy and the link online!

      2. Wow! Did you think of listing it on Amazon? You could make a nice residual income that way.

      3. Haha, you’re probably a millionaire and don’t even know it. 😝

    1. Thank you! I’m on a week-long vacation right now, so taking it easy on BLM land. 🙃

      1. LMAO. We’re trying to get that acre and a mule we missed out on! 😂

    1. Woooooooow!! 😮 You’re making swift progress. I’m glad your enjoying it and thanks for the update!

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