A County Affair

On the Pharaoh Ride - Alexis Chateau


It’s sad to say, but my happiest night in New Milford was the night I knew I would never spend another one there.


My trip into the countryside had gone almost exactly as I had predicted it would, which was half the problem. There were definitely some upsides; like the hiking, my concrete expeditions, meeting Justin’s family, 7km walks with the neighbours at 5:30 in the morning, and of course, the county fair.

But all else was chaos, and not the kind that inspires you to be creative and positive. It was the kind that inspired pensiveness and learning hard life lessons.


Nevertheless, when I think back to my time there, I want to remember the old houses and golden sunsets;  the adventure and the county fair. Naught else matters at this point. It is what it is. Life is what we make it – collectively.


I choose not to dwell.
Or at the very least, I choose to try not to.


Sometimes in life, the only control we get over our happiness is the choice of a reaction to the things that steal away pieces of our peace of mind.

Choose wisely.
And move on.

As we say in Jamaica, “Better mus’ come!”


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