Hiking Up Stone Mountain, GA

In late January, on the first “warm” day since Thanksgiving, I made my way up Stone Mountain, GA. I had barely started my hike, when I came face-to-face with a confederate flag, proudly announcing that this was Civil War grounds. It also clearly illustrated what side good ol’ Georgia fought for.

1 Stone Mountain American Confederate Flags

For my non-American readers, the flag on the left, beyond the American Flag, is the Confederate Flag of the south. It represents the side of the Civil War that fought to retain the institution of slavery, and lost — well, on paper anyway.

4 Stone Mountain Georgia.jpg

Even so, as far as hiking goes in Atlanta, this is the most popular trail people tend to suggest. And that is exactly why I didn’t go anywhere near it until I had all but run out of other trails in the city, to see.

5 Stone Mountain Atlanta.jpg

The Climb

We started in the early afternoon, more than a little thrilled at having our first day in the 50s since November. Yes, it’s been an unusually cold winter in the southeast this year. But, with spring creeping up upon us now, we shan’t dwell on that!

35 Stone Mountain GA Hike.jpg

The climb up the mountain was a lot steeper than I had imagined it would be, made worse by the fact that I was doing it on 4 hours sleep, after coming off a 16-hour shift the night before.

21 Alexis Chateau Orion Stone Mountain Selfie.jpg

Still, I’m accustomed to lack of sleep, and wasn’t at all slowed or disheartened. In fact, I remember being in the absolute best of spirits. So much so that I ran up the last of the summit, all the way to the top, while Winston and Orion lagged behind.

25 Stone Mountain GA Winston Murray and Orion

The Top36 Top of Stone Mountain Georgia Hiking.jpg

At the top of the mountain, I found tiny pool formations sprinkled across the rock. They were interesting, but not quite the view I had climbed all that way to see. The view of the surrounding area was beautiful, especially with the deep-blue of man-made lakes below.

39 View from the Top of Stone Mountain Georgia.jpg
View from Stone Mountain, GA

Behind me, there was also a lift, which I suppose was the easy way up the mountain. I bet the view is pretty awesome up there, too.

41 Stone Mountain GA Cable Cars.jpg

I walked the top of the mountain by myself for some time, enjoying the wind and the sunshine and the view, before Winston came to find me. It was time to go.

40 Alexis Chateau On Top of Stone Mountain GA
Quick selfie before I go?

Naturally, the descent was a lot easier than the climb up, though we did somehow manage to get lost along the way for a short bit.

42 Stone Mountain GA Hiking Trails

The whole hike took us about two hours, including the stops along the way. It was manageable, if you don’t mind the altitude — child’s play compared to hiking up Lone Mountain in Vegas, or climbing those 10 million steps at Amicalola Falls!

The Nature Shots 

Despite being the first warmish day since before the end of fall, nature was already fighting the good fight. Here are a few random nature shots I took along the way.

Have you ever hiked up Stone Mountain, GA? Is there an iconic hiking trail in your neck of the woods? Share the details in the comments below!

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29 thoughts on “Hiking Up Stone Mountain, GA

  1. I did hike up Stone Mountain once, when I was a kid. Well, I think I did. I remember a field trip to the mountain, for sure.

    The view in your pics is spectacular, and makes me a bit homesick.

    1. I am very good at making you homesick! It’s a sign — come back! I went to Stone Mountain a lot in my early teens, but usually for the laser show. Never hiked it until that day.

  2. Wow! I can’t believe that the Confederate flag is still proudly displayed: what an insult to humanity! I can understand why you kept away. There is nothing wrong with remembering History, but to be proud of such horrors is totally unacceptable and sickening.
    Still, I am sure the views were worth it, though: the photos are really stunning! 👍❤

    1. Agreed — the horrors should never be hidden, but you don’t go to Germany and see swastikas proudly flown on flags to remind Germany of its great Nazi past! Neither do you go to Britain, and see former slave ports glamourised.

      It was beautiful up there though, flag or no flag.

  3. We did this many years ago, Alexis. It’s challenging but the view from the top is phenomenal. Everyone should experience it. You can do it without considering the Civil War Memorial. I think it is a place of beauty! How did your dog do?

    1. The dog is Winston’s actually haha, but he does tend to follow me around quite a bit. He did alright. He could use the exercise! Winston and his mum feed that pup waaaay too much. He’s been growing sideways for months 😂

      1. 60’s??? OMG! it was in the teen’s here when I woke up this morning. that sounds so warm!!!!

      1. These were my second set of in-laws. I have had two husbands. One black, one white. Both from the deep South, one from Mississippi and one from Alabama. Go figure.

      2. LoL, but then… what were they trying to say? Are you sure it wasn’t because they knew your previous husband was Black? Maybe a warning about where they stood on that??? Haha

      3. Him. He was the outlier in the family for sure. Very open, kind, aware of racism in this country, as unracist as a guy raised in the deep south can be and always open to learning more. They have died or we don’t have contact any more.

      4. I find that many of my liberal friends are the children of racists, Republicans, and/or die-hard Trump fans. I see it as a sign of hope.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. No, I’ve never hiked there. I might consider it, if I were ever in those parts, if only to flip off the ignorant Confederate flag. 🙂 Fortunately . . . it looks like y’all and the dogs had fun, tho.

    1. It was a good hike. I’d had a hectic week, so it was good to clear my head. And yes, the flags could use some flipping off. Georgia is very proud of its Civil War monuments. No idea why. Didn’t they lose the war? Or are we missing something?? 😂

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