Trail Biking at Clayton County Beach Park

I finally got the chance to take my mountain bike on the trails in Atlanta, this week. This park was fun to explore. Can’t wait to go back! For more of these videos, please subscribe to my YouTube vlogs here.


  • Biker: Alexis Chateau
  • Photographer & Videographer: Alexis Chateau & My Grandma!
  • Video Editing: Google & Alexis Chateau
  • Music: Used with special permission from OneOnTheBeat.

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41 thoughts on “Trail Biking at Clayton County Beach Park

  1. I am enthralled by your bike, Alexis. I must admit, I’d never known of a foldable bike until today. Thank you so much for sharing yours! Would you consider a future post (or pointing me to a post or vlog you’ve already done) about how you selected the bike and perhaps whether there are some, ahem, affordable versions that are decent. In a quickie google search, most of the “flatbikes” I saw were $1000 and up. I can’t justify that cost right now. Thanks for listening and happy trails … hope Michael is not causing any harm or damages to you and yours in Atlanta!

    1. Thank you! It is an adorable little bike, isn’t it? Unfortunately, I didn’t do any posts on choosing a bike, but I can walk you through my process. 🤔

      I knew I wanted a foldable bike, because my car is small. I also knew I wasn’t willing to spend more than $200 on a bike after just buying a car, and I didn’t really know if I would take to trail riding, yet. I am, after all, giving up hiking when I do it.

      I started with eBay and then Amazon and looked for “folding bikes” and “foldable bikes” with decent ratings. I found the bike I have now on Amazon but they were out of stock, so I googled the model. Turns out Walmart sold them even cheaper, so I ordered it there. Fairly easy to assemble, but you may want to switch out the gear shifter afterwards, which I’m about to do. Shouldn’t cost very much to do. Some people do love the shifters though, so you might actually want to keep them. Aside from the shifters, I really love the bike. I bought padding for the bike seat for less than $20 and that made it even better for longer rides.

      Here’s the link on the Walmart store:

      In a few years, if I’m still biking around the trails, I’ll consider one of those more expensive ones you mentioned.

      If you have a bigger budget than me consider eBay or Amazon and look for “folding bikes” or “foldable bikes”.

      Hope this helps! I might do a post about this later on, as quite a few people have asked me about it now. Thanks again! 😄

      1. First, thanks so much for all the information, Alexis. No, I definitely do not have a budget for a bike over $200 at this point, so thank you for your help. I emailed my husband about your post and he wondered about how easy it would be for me to assemble, because I’m not really a pro at assembling stuff (other than words, maybe!). If I’m understanding correctly, the (front?) wheel detaches, so that has to be reattached to the bike each time it’s used; and I see you’ve mentioned switching out the shifters and maybe the bike seat. All very helpful; again, many thanks for taking the time to answer. Have a great week!

      2. Hi Leigh! If your budget is under $200 like mine then this is probably the best folding bike you’ll find! Just make sure you get the right size for your height. I’m 5″9 and this is perfect for me, but would be tricky for a shorter person I think. My grandma and I assembled it when it came and I know nothing of these things, so you will be alright following the instructions.

        As for the seat. I didn’t change it. I just added a padded cover. If you want the link for the one I got, I’d be happy to look it up. It didn’t cost much.

        I have yet to change the shifters, but it’s on my to-do-list, so it’s not a must-do. Just something you might consider in the long run. If you’re riding mostly on flats it won’t matter since you won’t change gears often. I ride in hilly areas, so I change gears often as I go up and down the slopes. 🙂

    1. My mom told me about them a long time ago, so when I decided to take up biking again I decided to look for one. Now, I don’t need a bike rack. 🙃

      The trek hybrid looks like a pretty good bike. How much did it cost you?

      1. Nice! I think in a few years I’ll upgrade my bike. Depends on whether or not I keep riding. So far, so good!

    1. Well she does love books! I’m sure you would have plenty of life stories to swap too. 🙂

      1. She just went home 🙁 She’ll probably be back next year. Oh, I almost forgot. She’s also Catholic. Not sure what order her church falls under though.

  2. Oh my god! Your Grandma is the best! Does she say stuff like that all the time?

    And I’m glad your survived those Canadian geese. They can be a bit temperamental at times, and they never apologize!

    1. You can count on my grandma to say the most outrageous things.

      When I was a child, I was running around outside after dark one night, slipped on a rock and fell. When my parents asked what happened she told them, “She kin-poopa-lick over the rock stone!” 😂 As long as I live, I will never forget those words!

      Is that what those geese were? They were a good way off. I’ve seen them around Georgia. They generally stay away from people.

      Thanks for watching! I’m still learning. 😄 Do you go biking, too? You seem like the type!

      1. Haha! Watch out for those rock-stones!

        Yea, they were Canadian geese. They’re pretty timid, but a lot of people up here are terrified of them; they can occasionally be aggressive during the nesting season.

        I used to ride my bike absolutely everywhere! Off-road biking was my favorite! But I’ve gotten away from it in the past few years, because I’ve come to enjoy the slower pace of hiking much better: easier to look at things and think.

      2. Hahaha, I will look out for them especially on the trails 😂 I would hate to kin-puppa-lick off my bicycle! 😝

        Well I’ve been lucky so far, especially considering I’ve chased those geese a few times trying to get closeup pictures. 👀

        Hahahaha, my guess was correct. My off-roading is tame. I barely touched any dirt at that park, but they do have legit MTB trails.

        My gears have been shifting terribly though. Any advice? I think I either need an adjustment (they’ve never been adjusted) or just change out the damn shifters. I HATE THEM 😤

      3. The geese should hopefully be more tame now, because they’re not nesting. But during the spring I’ve heard of them making joggers kin-puppa-lick on de ground!

        I ALWAYS had trouble with my gears; I never quite figured out how to make them work correctly. I would go over the manual over and over, and no matter what I tried they wouldn’t shift right. So unfortunately I’m not qualified to give you advice on this matter! Do you have any bike shops nearby?

      4. 😂😂 We’ve corrupted you, Josh! What have we done?? I’m gonna ask around and see if anyone has had problems with them. I’m intrigued.

        I emailed a bike shop I found about it. I want to know cost before I walk in there and they do to me what mechanics do to women. I think maybe the bike just needs to be adjusted, but if not, they need to change that crap out. My last bike, the gears were easy to change. But the frame of that bike wasn’t a good enough match to my height for me to take it further than around the block.

      5. Haha! You’ve made me better is what you’ve done!

        Good idea about emailing the bike shop before going there. I didn’t even think about them trying to screw you over, but that is a real possibility. I hope you can get your gear troubles worked out, and that it’s not expensive!

      6. Well then you’re welcome! 😄

        I got a hold of one bike shop in the suburbs. They said it will cost me $25 plus the cost of the gear.

        The bike shop in the city was telling me I have to bring my bike first before they can quote me. I don’t trust that. If I tell you I have a brand new bike and I send you a link to said bike with all the specs, why do you need to see the actual bike to quote me??

      7. Hey Alexis, I hope the hurricane isn’t treating you too badly…

        I feel like the shop in the city is trying to rip you off. If you don’t feel completely comfortable with what they’re saying, don’t go there!

      8. I think so, too. I’m the inexperienced biker so they can just throw me a price and I’ll eat it up.

        The hurricane wasn’t too bad on our side. Just terrible rain. I left out about two hours before it was scheduled to pass through Georgia. I made it 3 miles up the street and had to turn back. Couldn’t see a thing and I was 2 seconds from hydroplaning. No. Thank. You. 😂

        No damage though.

    1. Thank you! Heading out again on Tuesday. Not sure if I’m making a video of that one though. I need a better camera mount for my bike. 🤔

      1. 😂😂😂😂 You’re too funny! No, it’s a foldable bike. I searched high and low to find one because I didn’t think poor little Seth (my car) could handle a bike rack on the back. Skip to 00:48 of the video. I show how I open it out. 😃

        This was my first time on the trails. Still trying to figure out the best way to film and share these with you guys. Wish me luck! 🙃

    1. I hear the police down here is crazy! Haha! I’m super cautious driving through Clayton. This park is lovely though. Definitely plan to go back. 😃

      1. Dude, Clayton isn’t as bad as some of the places I’ve lived. Coweta, Pike, hell Forsyth used to be rough but now it’s all bougie

      2. Really! Clayton county is the only place where everyone I know is always on their Ps and Qs. Whenever Uber took me through there, the drivers were always paranoid about being stopped by the police. And my friends often start calculating their potential fines when we pass through. I don’t think it’s that bad. I spend a lot of time on that side of town. Never been pulled over and when my dad was pulled over, the police was nice. Still gave him the ticket, but he was polite about doing his job 😂 The part of town I would really want to live in is EAV, but I have to rob a few banks first 😭

      3. I don’t think I’ve ever been down there before, so I’ll take your word for it.

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